Exploring the Baltic and Scandinavian Nations

Don’t forget the Baltic states when traveling by sea to Scandinavia, as the region offers lovely Old Towns to explore and a rich history that dates back to medieval times and the Hanseatic League. Some of the cities viewed as “most livable” in the world can be found in Finland, Sweden, and Norway. Norway has something for everyone, from its amazing natural fjords to rich Viking history. Other not-to-miss sights include Helsinki’s Neoclassical and Art Nouveau galleries, the “Venice of Scandinavia” in Stockholm, and the red roofs and unique steeples in Tallinn. The northern lights, or aurora borealis, are observable in the region, ought to also be high on your list of must-have experiences. Russia is the biggest country in the world and is located at the crossroads between find out about taking a journey the European and Asian continents. In Russia, you will want to spend some time in the amazing city of St. Petersburg and lay your eyes on the spectacular Peterhof Palace. History aficionados will want to spend time in Moscow’s iconic Red Square, while foodies might want to sample blini pancakes with Russian caviar.

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